Arne Wossink

Leiden at blue hour, by Arne Wossink

These are some of the videos that I have shot over the past two years. Have a look, and don't hesitate to contact me if you like what you see!

Leiden Sleutelstad

A portrait of the beautiful city of Leiden (also known as the "Sleutelstad" or "City of Keys") in timelapse, hyperlapse, boatlapse and bikelapse. Shot over the course of a year, it includes many of Leiden's iconic places and buildings. Whenever I go out and shoot timelapse, I see something new, even though I may have passed a place or building countless times before. Hopefully, that goes as well for those who watch this video. You can watch a short interview (in Dutch) that I did on my Leiden Sleutelstad film here.

Second City

Chicago (IL) is truly one of the great American cities, on a par with New York and San Francisco. This collection of timelapses and hyperlapses hopes to capture some of that atmosphere. The clips were shot in the period August 2012-April 2013.